Biking and Paddle sports are America's most popular and environmentally responsible recreational sports. More than 140 million
Americans make them part of their daily lives, adding $170 billion annually to the economy.

Although we promote and cover many races, tours, industry news, health and economic updates, editorially we tend to focus on the
environmental benefits both sports provide. Here's why:

    Caring for our back country trail systems and waterways is everybody's business, especially those of us who use and prosper
    from them. More than HALF of U.S. rivers are too polluted to support life, much less recreation - or worse - drinking.  Plastics,
    especially plastic water bottles, have clogged some rivers to the point where they don't even flow. Our oceans produce five
    massive, slow rotating whirlpools called gyres - several hundred square miles, all accumulating plastic trash, which will remain in
    the ocean for decades or longer. All for a little convenience. All preventable.  

    Traffic congestion throughout the country, rural or urban, is a major problem and it gets worse every year. We promote a variety
    of special events including BIKE SATURDAYS which is designed to get people out of their cars and onto bicycles by "rebranding
    and refocusing" bicycling from a recreational and exercise only activity to a serious form of urban mass transportation.

Biking and paddle sports greatest environmental contribution is they bypass the fossil fuel system to which the American economy has
become addicted, and spare users of public space, noise, speed and intimidation -- while saving billions of pounds of carbon dioxide
emissions, countless lives and billions in mortality and health care costs every year.

Be Part of the Solution is our slogan to help bring awareness to these problems, but mostly B&PM is about having fun and connecting
with like minded people.  Monthly/weekly social and business networking events are scheduled through the year hosted by the
Club. So join us! Check the calendar frequently. There's a lot happening around the biking and paddling world. Don't be left out!
GreenUp, Get Moving, Get Involved!
Be Environmentally Fit